Welcome in TRUI

In TRUI we connect mathematical precision with artistic grace.

Who are we?

TRUI is an effective and efficient team of IT specialists. We’ve got over 5 years of experience in graphic design and programming on different systems and platforms in as many programming languages. We proud ourselves on being experts in web design, dedicated software, mobile apps and games. Our team of professionals provides complete software/hardware/system support and will recommend the best way obtain the final result.

We are full of passion IT professionals and impossible is nothing to us. Our satisfied customers from all over the world are our biggest reward and make us to go beyond frontiers.

This is how we work

We listen.

Our goal is to build the best and long term relationship with customers, so we start our cooperation from meetings and conversations. A full understanding of what your brand means to you and to your customers (the current and the future ones) and careful examining your requirements are the most important to us and allow to move forward together.

We think.

No decisions should be made ​​without a thorough analysis of your requirements and an accurate plan of action. This is the second step in the cooperation with you. Our experience either in graphic design or creation of back-end systems allows us to prepare creative and efficient solutions that we implement in the third step.

We create.

By assigning a team to a specific project we make sure it will fully meet your requirements. We also create a reasonable time frames divided into: graphic design, programming, testing and implementation. You are welcome to view and check the progress of each of these processes in order to ensure if we are moving in the right direction and prepare the product in the mutually agreed deadline.